Added on 04/06/12

I started a Facebook page!  I will be posting on it frequently to stay in touch with everyone, as well as posting new photos and music videos. 
Please come join me at officialdivadestruction
---Debra Fogarty

Added on 11/27/07
     I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm currently working on my 4th album, so I will keep everyone posted on it. I've already written many songs for it and I'm very excited about it. Please also go to for new photos, new songs, and the most frequent updates on everything.-----Debra (Diva Destruction)

Added on 11/26/07

Debra is on the cover of the large magazine called "Gotica" this month.

Added on 11/25/07
Here are some of the prior magazine covers where Debra was featured on a shared cover:

Added on 9/15/06
Message from Debra Fogarty

Release Dates for New 3rd Album "Run Cold" Are: 
Sept. 26 (U.S.) & Sept. 25 (Europe)!

The Metropolis Records (U.S./Canada/Mexico) release date will be on Sept. 26, and the Dark Dimensions (Europe and the rest of the world) release date will be on Sept. 25. I am very excited about my new album and I believe it is my best work so far.
Thanks everyone for your great support!
-----Debra (Diva Destruction)

Where to Buy CDs Online:
  (1) Passions Price (1st Album)
  -For U.S./Canada/Mexico -
(click "CDs/Merchandise" on 1st page), , or
-For Europe and the rest of the world - or
  (2) Exposing the Sickness (2nd Album)
  -For U.S./Canada/Mexico -
  -For Europe and the rest of the world- or
(3) Run Cold (3rd Album)
(same as for 2nd Album)

Exciting News: Das Ich & Diva Destruction
I will record vocals on a Das Ich song!

The very popular band "Das Ich," from Germany, asked me to record vocals on a song for their next album. I am very excited and honored that they asked me to do this since I have always loved their albums.
This is going to be a lot of fun to sing on their powerful music, and I can't wait to work with musicians who I've always admired. I have also found out that we are both classically trained musicians.
They have a very interesting website at
-----Debra (Diva Destruction)

Added on 6/11/06
Message from Debra

I have finished my new 3rd album, titled "Run Cold"!

I have finished writing, recording, and mixing my new third album and I'm very excited about it. I am now a fully trained "Recording Engineer" using Logic Pro 7 Software. I will post the release dates for both of my record labels very soon (Metropolis - U.S. and Dark Dimensions/Alice In - Germany). The beautiful album artwork was created by Carylann Loeppky (, who has also created great album artwork for Delerium and FLA.

Diva Destruction is now on “My Space”!

I have just started the first Diva Destruction “My Space” page at I have added a couple of new live photos in the “My Space” photos section, as well as some different song clips on the “My Space” start page. Please click on the “Add” song feature to add song clips to your “My Space” pages and help support Diva Destruction.

----Debra (Diva Destruction)


Added on 07.18.05
Message from Debra:

I am still working on my upcoming third album and I will keep everyone posted about it here. I have been training to become a full “Recording Engineer”, in order to be able to record my own albums, as well as continue to write and produce them. I have also finished putting together my recording studio, which is fully equipped with a Logic software system. Although Logic is a more complex system, I selected it for its advanced editing capabilities. I have also updated the links page with several new links, since I wish to support these interesting and talented artists in art, music, and clothing design.

Added on 03.19.04
Diva Destruction would like to announce that there will be an exclusive
co-headlining show on May 29, 2004 at the large 4 day festival, Wave Gotik Treffen, in Leipzig, Germany (20,000 people).  The performance will take place at the Parkbuhne venue.  There may also be an official "Autograph Signing" time set up on the following day, the same as the schedule for the prior DD show back in May 2002.  Show time and details for May 28 to May 31 will be posted at the official WGT site
at .

Added on 07.23.03
New Third Album

Debra is currently writing songs for the new third album, which will be released in summer 2004.
Then Diva Destruction will perform at some of the large European festivals
next summer in support of the new third album.

Added on 07.23.03
Second Album Ranked #2 Highest Selling CD for
Metropolis Records

Diva Destruction's recent second album,"Exposing the Sickness" ranked #2 on the "Top 10 Sellers" list on the Metropolis Records website for many months after its release on Feb. 4, 2003. It was also the best selling title through Audioglobe Exports during Feb. 2003 after its release. In addition, the album was recently voted as "CD of theMonth" for March by the popular Orkus Magazine in Germany. Diva Destruction was also interviewed by Orkus Magazine three issues in a row.


Added on 07.23.03
Diva Destruction On The Covers of Several Recent
Magazines & Many Recent Interviews Published

These are some of the recent published interviews:

1 -Cover of Ascension Magazine (Italy) - Spring 2003 Issue No. 2
2 -Cover Shared of Orkus Magazine (Germany) - March 2003 Issue
3 -Orkus Magazine (Germany) - April 2003 Issue
4 -Orkus Magazine (Germany) - May 2002 Issue
5 -Zillo Magazine (Germany) - March 2003 Issue
6 -Sonic Seducer (Germany) - Feb. 2003 Issue
7 -Rumore (Italy) - March 2003
8 -Goth Nation (Australia) - Issue #3 May/June/July 2003 Issue
9 -Comatose Rose (Canada) - May Issue 6
10 -Movement Magazine (Florida)
11 -Legacy (Germany) - Feb./March 2003 Issue
12 -Gothic (Germany) - Issue No. 39

Interview requests can be submitted to
Metropolis Records for the U.S./Canada/Mexico

and to
Alice In/Dark Dimensions

Added on 03.23.03
Second Album In Stores Now

The new second album, Exposing The Sickness,
can now be purchased in stores everywhere as well as on
(for U.S./Canada/Mexico orders) and
(for orders in Europe and orders outside of the U.S./Canada/Mexico).

Added on 01.09.03
Diva Destruction is happy to announce
that the band has just signed with Metropolis Records for the United States and Canada..
The second CD will be released on Feb. 4th by Metropolis
(U.S./Canada) and Alice In/Dark Dimensions (Europe and rest of the world). This second CD contains 13 new songs which were mixed by Scott Humphrey and Frank Gryner (Rob Zombie, Motley Crue, and Crystal Method), plus an additional dance remix by Julian Beeston (Nitzer Ebb). This new album has many more fast dance songs than the first album and it's titled "Exposing the Sickness". (Samples of a few of the new songs will be available at The band will be doing both European and U.S. tours to support this new album.

Diva Destruction won
"BEST LA GOTH BAND" two years in a row by the Rock City News Awards for 2001 and 2002. Also, the readers of Orkus magazine in Germany voted the band for #7 as Newcomer of the Year.

Added on 02.07.02
The band was also on the cover several recent magazines:
- Kaleidoscope (England)
Issue 10-Winter 2001/02
(the band is also on the cover of the attached freeCD)
- Ascension (Italy) No. 8- November 2001
- Rhythm & Boose (England) - Sept./Oct. 2001

Diva Destruction
has a new online shop where CD's and merchandise
can be purchased using a secure credit card transaction.
NEW T-SHIRTS and POSTERS are now available.


CDs are now being made available at a few select Los Angeles area stores, more will be added later

    1. Vinyl Fetish, Melrose Ave, Hollywood
    2. The Electric Chair, Huntington Beach
    3. Aaron's Records, Hollywood


Added on 02.06.01
Diva Destruction has in-depth interviews
in these latest magazines:

  1. Propaganda - Jan. 2001
  2. Dark Realms - Feb. 14, 2001
    (available in Hot Topic)
  3. The Vault - upcoming release/cover article
  4. ZILLO (Germany) - Dec./Jan. 2001
  5. Sonic Seducer (Germany) - Jan. 2001


Added on 05.03.01
The band is happy to announce that

they have recently SIGNED to the
Dark Dimensions/Alice In label in Germany!
After receiving offers from five labels
throughout the U.S.and Europe, the band has chosen this label to sign with for all territories except Canada/U.S./Mexico, where Metropolis
and Century Media will handle distribution. Dark Dimensions will soon be releasing a special "European Edition" of the CD Passion's Price. The band is also currently writing material for their upcoming second CD and will go on a U.S. and European tour during July and August.

Added on 01.22.01
Diva Destruction was recently asked to record a song for an upcoming movie called, "Gypsy 83." The movie stars Sara Rue (from the tv series Popular), Karen Black, and John Doe (from the LA punk band X). The soundtrack will include songs by The Cure, Siouxsie, Echo & The Bunnymen, and Joy Division. The movie centers around a young fan of Stevie Nicks who searches for her lost mother accompanied by
her goth friend.
It is set for release this summer.

The band has completed a version of Radiohead's "Climbing Up The Walls" to be included on an upcoming Cleopatra Radiohead tribute album. This will be the first recordings by the band's new lineup. .

Cleopatra Records compilation, The Unquiet Grave - Vol II, includes the Diva Destruction song "The Broken Ones." The band also contributed their version of "Persephone" to the recently released Cleopatra Cocteau Twins tribute CD.

Robert Smith of The Cure chose Diva Destruction's song "In Dreaming" as one of his top ten favorites on


Debra Fogarty